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MARCH 2024

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Nepal is the land of multi dimensional beauties, and cultural heritage. It has got so many resources that attract tourists and admirers from the outer world. In the last decades Nepal is pretty much exposed to the outer world but still it is not satisfactory as compared to its attractive resources. We believe with a tourist in a promotional activity we can achieve considerable success to help boost the economy of Nepal throw by promotion cultural tourism.

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The meaning of Arati is a kind of special presented pray which shown by oil lamp before start the program that called "Arati" in Hinduism. Once upon a time of golden age, this dance is dedicated to "Nataraj". According to the Hindu's Philosophy [Shiva Puraaon], the meaning of Nataraj is period of dancing by Lord God "SHIVA"; [the internment period of Lord God SHIVA]. Therefore in Hindu's Cultural Society, people want to present first Ariti with the dance of Natraj before start the program. In this dance light will be put off and dancer will come with candle light in their hand.


Once up on a time of Kathmandu was ruling by Malla dynasty long time ago. Malla dainsty want to keep there country in a very strong position always and they do confidence by them self to worship Goddess "Bajrayyogani" for to get the strong power and protected the peoples and the nation. The meaning of Bajra is Thunderbolt and Yogani means Yogi became BAJRAYOGANI [Strong yogani Goddess] So Buddhist Tantrick [the devoted of malla period] they were dance with a appearing of Bajrayogani to make happy her in an occasion of festival.


The meaning of Bhairab is appearing with very angry and aggressive of Lord Shiva and Kali means is papering with very angry and aggressive of Goddess Parvati [Devi] wife of Lord God Shiva. So this both became Bhairabkali. This is aclassical dance of Lord Shiva and goddess Pravati. This dance shows the destructive mood of goddess Kali and Lord Shiva [Bhairab] who saved the world and whole universe from destruction by lying down on the path of Kali.


Nepal is a very small country although here is much different diversity living in same community with peace. Meanwhile; one of popular community original from the District of southern part of Bhojpure [Terai] situated in the far eastern development region of Nepal called BHOJPURI have an own culture, language and tradition. So this dance performing by Bhojpure and very popular on southernmost parts of Nepal; similar with the Indian culture of northern part.

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