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About us


EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP has been running its verities of cultural activities within the country as well as all over the world for decades. It has got experiences in the cultural exchanges with various international communities. It, therefore, has a genuine scope and ability to promote the national and international cultural exchange program for the benefit of the people of Nepal and the world. It is our endeavor to keep friendship and that cordial relationship with other cultural group all over the world. It鈥檚 culture that could give us entire satisfaction, peace, cool and the concept of cooperation to each other. Following mentioned is our own heritage of Cultural Performance Group of Everest Nepal Cultural Group-Organization.

  • Traditional Folk Dance & Music Groups
  • Traditional Folk Drummer Groups
  • Traditional Folk Mask Dance Groups
  • Traditional Folk Puppet Dance Groups
  • Traditional Folk Song & Music Groups
  • Traditional Folk Cultural Groups
  • Traditional Classical Dance Groups
  • Traditional Folk Music Groups
  • Traditional Children Folk Dance Groups

We feel that EVEREST NEPAL CULTURAL GROUP [ENCG] is always capable to participate for conduct any such folk festival program and as it has abundant of experiences observing and participating in various international folk festivals all over the world already. They are:

1France1998July-SepThe participant with Des Pyrenees
2Spain1998July-SepThe participant with Des Pyrenees.
3Japan1999SeptParticipant with CIOFF
4Taiwan2001AprilParticipant of int’l Mask Festiva
5The Netherlands2001JuneParticipant of Int’l “OPROAKELDAIS’
6Belgium2001JulyParticipant of Int’l Volklor Festival
7Belgium2001JulyParticipant of Int’l Dirk Martens Festival
8Taiwan2001DecParticipant of Int’l Puppet Festival
9Korea2002JuneParticipant of Int’l Mask festival
10Taiwan2002July-AugParticipant of Int’l children’s festival
11Taiwan2003MarchParticipant of Int’l Mask festival
12France2003July (11-15)I.F.F. of Avignon (France)
13France2003July (16 -20)I.F.F of Bourg Saint Maurice (France)
14Spain2003July (21 – 23)I.F.F of Gijon (Spain)
15France2003July (24-27)I.F.F of Quillan (France)
16Spain2003July 28 – Aug 4Festival International des Pyrénéesin Jaca (Spain)
17France2003August (5-8)I.F. Festival of Murat (France)
18France2003Aug. (9-11)I.F. Festival of La Fage Saint Julien (France)
19Spain2003Aug. (12-17)I.F Festival of Avilés (Spain)
20France2003August 19Show in Sigean (France)
21France2003August 20Show in Saint André de Sangonis (France)
22France2003August 21Show in Cap D’ Agde (France)
23France2003August 22Show in Maubec (France)
24Taiwan2003NovemberNan Ying Int’l Folk Festival
25Qatar2004MarchDoha Cultural Festival
26Greece2004SeptemberParticipant with Int’l Folk Festival
27Spain2004OctoberParticipant with Int’l Folk Festival
28Korea2005Sep. / Oct.Participant with IOV Meeting
29Spain2006julyParticipant with Int’l Folk Festival
30Greece2006Oct.Participant with World Congress
31Poland 2007June/JulyLagnica International Folk Festival
32Spain2007JulyFestival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs
33Spain2007JulyInternational Folk Festival, Gran Cannery
34USA2007Sep.International Children Festival
35Poland2008June/JulyInt’l Floklore Festival “Kupalnocka” 2008
36France2008JulyRencontres Internationales  Folkloriques Enfantines de SAINT-MAIXENT L’ECOLE
37Poland2008July13th  Int’l folk Festival  “Kasztelania” 2008
38France2008July12th Int’l Festival for Children “Espelette”
39Spain2008JulyXII Int’l folklorical Festival of Youth of the “Bisasoa
40USA2009AprilFestival of Nation St. Paul, Minnesota.
41Poland2009May8th European Folklore Meetings The Bug River, Podlaski, Poland.
42USA2010JulySpringville FolkFest 43USA2010 August
43USA2010AugustBountiful/Summer International Folk Festival
44USA2010AugustDance International Day
45China2011JuneXian International Horticultural Exposition
46France2011julyFestival International De Folklore De Chateau-Gombert
47France2011julyInternational Folk Festival, Bourg St. SSMauries.
48Czech2012AprilIOV General Assembly
49Poland2012AugustZakopane International Folk Festival
50Russia2012Sep.IOV Congress
51Korea2012Oct.Cheonan Dance World Festival
52Poland2013JuneXX international Dance Festival Gorzów
53France2013August58th international Folk festival of Rouergue, Rodez
54Switzerland2013August39 International Folklore Festival of Fribourg
55Poland2014JulyXX International Dance Festival Gorz贸w
56Finland2014JulySampana Folklore Festival Turku
57Finland2014JulyKaustinen Folk Music Festival
58Spain2014AugustXV Festival Internacional de M煤sica i
Dansa Tradicional, Valencia
59Taiwan2014Oct.Nan Ying International Folklore Festival, Tainan
60USA2015August.Springville World Folkfest in Springville, Utah
61USA2015August.Bountiful Davis Summerfest International in Bountiful, Utah
62Greece2015August.3rd International Festival of Folk Dances “Diamantis Palaiologos”, Skopelos island
63Greece2015August.9th International Festival of Folk Dances & Music, Thessaloniki
64Spain2016JulyFestival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs.
65Brazil2016SeptemberFestival Internacional De Folclore and World General Congress of WAPA.
66The Netherlands2017June/July52nd International Folk Festivals “OP ROAKELDAIS’
67Greece2017August5th Dance Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos” in Skopelos
68Greece2017Aug./Sep.11th International Festival of Folk Dances & Music, Gefira Thessaloniki
69Turkey2018AprilInternational Troy Folk Dance Festival, Canakkale
70Poland2018June/JulyInternational Folklore Festival “Świat pod Kyczera”
71Turkey2018July International Canakkale Troia Folk Dance Festival
72Belgium2018August58th Festival Mondial de Folklore, Jambes-Namur
73UAE2019AprilSharjah World Heritage (International Folk Festival)
74Estonia2019May/JuneInternational Folklore Festival org. by Eesti Europeade Komitee
75Germany2019June19th International Folklore Avalanche
76Netherlands2019JulyMoai Fuort Simmerfestival, Burgum
77Netherlands2019JulyWerelddansfestival, Schagen (World Dance Festival)
78Poland2019JulyInternational Folk Meetings Małopolska
79France2019AugustLe Festival Mondial de Folklore de Montréjeau
80Switzerland2019August45 ème Rencontres de Folklore Internationales de Fribourg


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